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When I launched MICROMarketing in 2016, I knew my passion was for small or micro businesses. I love the challenge of doing more with less, less time, less money, less staff, fewer resources, less technology, fewer tools & equipment. Marketing in my mind is easy when you have all these things, but when you don’t you have to start where you are with what you have and that is a challenging and beautiful thing.

So here are 3 of my top outside the box marketing solutions for small businesses.

1. Get Personal

“If anything business ought to be personal” – Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail

The first year and a half of my business I worked to find a work-life balance before I realized there is no such thing, the two sides of life, business and personal are so intertwined that it is not about balancing two separate sides it is about having a little business in your personal life, and a little personal in your business life. Your closest network connections and best referral partners are also your friends and support system. As a new business, the best marketing you can do is make real connections and real friends while your networking and soon you will have more referrals, a bigger sales force, more resources, and more value to give your clients.

2. Loyalty Programs

Did you know marketing to new clients cost 80% more than marketing to your own clients! So if you have a limited budget or are not sure where your target market is, start with a loyalty program. Run promotions for add-ons, discounts on upsells, rewards for loyalty, maybe even consider monthly membership plans. And if your in an industry where your product/service is only needed every decade, like a real estate agent then highlight a referral program or other ways to get them involved in promoting your small business.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude not only has positive effects on our brains and the way we perceive the world but gratitude can generate new business opportunities. In a fast-paced world where someone is always looking at what is in it for me. Take the time in your business to send at least 1 thank you email at the beginning of every day. Each week when you are driving across town for a meeting, take the time to make at least 1 thank you phone call. Not only will you be energized but you will receive business back 10 fold in one way or another, I guarantee it.

Consider MICROMarketing (513) 335-4381 for all your small business video needs. – Creator of Opportunities, Allie Ganino