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“I was created to create”


WHY MICROmarketing?

Do More With Less (Time)

One of the biggest challenges small “MICRO” businesses face is limited resources. With limited time you need to have a realistic strategy that minimizes wasted time & maximizes the available time you do have to work on your business. Not only am I confident you can market your business more consistently in less time, but I’m confident it will create more qualified business opportunities. 




Allie Ganino

We’re all more than just consumers, we were created to create, to build, to innovate. And that’s what I love about working with business owners, they roll up their sleeves, make the tough decisions, and get things done. Long before I started my business, I had a passion for giving something old, new life and it led me to become a marketing resource to local businesses where I get to breathe new life into business owners.   

I started my marketing career working for a local heating and cooling contractor in Beavercreek, Ohio, and like most small business employees I quickly became a jack of all trades. The majority of the time I was a marketer, but I also found myself training the new customer service rep, purging old paper files, and driving a box truck to pick up equipment. 

I fell in love with small business operations, even the messy and challenging parts that don’t appear in a LinkedIn bio. I was determined to help small business owners make sense of today’s digital and social media marketing options so, five years later, I started MICROMarketing (April 2016).

I’ve never worked for a large marketing agency or had my own administrative assistant, so I run my marketing business as a contractor. Which means I work out of my vehicle, from my phone, and on the go. This approach allows me to provide the flexibility my clients need and gives them the accountability they desire with their marketing.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been good at stretching a dollar, but it wasn’t until I had zero marketing budget that I discovered my gift of making the most of what I had. I follow the same principles when advising my clients to make the best use of their marketing budgets and time. 

I don’t promise I can feed 5,000 with five loaves and two fish, but I can turn them into Lunchables. I rarely suggest that my clients scrap their marketing plans and start over. Instead, I evaluate what’s working and what’s not and improve it. I save my client’s money and create more simple opportunities to consistently grow their small businesses.  

I’d love to chat and evaluate your current marketing efforts. Let’s make a plan to increase your customer reach and conversions.

What Folks Are Saying


I love what I do & I’m pretty sure you’ll love what I do too.