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For any business today, building a one-size-fits-all website can be nearly impossible. The last decade or so has seen the online web business move away from offering content that tries to please everyone, to building more tailored enterprise.

Every business should have a primary or optimal target to tailor your content and marketing message to. So that you can stand out against the competition online as an expert or specialist for your primary or optimal target audience. A website which is going to be selling VR headsets, for example, might find that targeting over-60s might not be a worthwhile investment. At the same time, targeting single people in their early employment years, under the age of 23, is unlikely to yield many positive results for a pension firm.

Instead, a business should focus their marketing efforts on the people it can best assist, and create a pathway for them to follow. In a sense, marketing today needs you to follow the ideology of old-school “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. These books would have you pick from a selection of options, and then move to the directed page to see what your action would undertake. Sometimes, you would find a pot of gold – the other times, when the wrong decision was made? You would fall into a pit of piranhas.

Now, as a business owner your primary aim should be finding out how to make more people find the gold, rather than stumble into piranhas. This is why it’s so vital that, today, a business can offer specific, chosen paths for their typical demographics. With several paths to take, all of which deliver unique content and specifically tailored answers and promotions to fit that typical mind-set, success can be found.

Creating the Adventure

Now, all of this sounds very difficult, right?

The idea that a well-made website with the right design isn’t enough can seem rather preposterous. However, what good is a detailed and artistic design, if it lacks a more strategic message?

Therefore, you should be looking to do everything that you can to create various pathways. Rather than your website asking of people need your assistance, it should be giving them a pathway to pick from in terms of assistance. Give them three options to go down – an option for each demographic that you are targeting.

Then, have each of these paths take them to new pages, made just for them. This means that you can cover multiple topics and different kinds of personalities, lifestyles and desires. Rather than having one, long-read piece that tries to cover the needs of everyone, short pieces of content that are tailored to specific messages and mind-sets can work out so much better.

A business has to offer the choice for people to feel like they fit in. By marketing yourself as a business that targets more than just one kind of demographic, success is easier to imagine. Rather than targeting only one or trying to target every possible demographic at once, you’ll have much greater opportunities as a business. Not only will your business make it easier for more people to make the most of what you can provide.

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– Creator of Opportunities, Allie Ganino