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Many of us are familiar with Bar Loyalty or Beer Clubs where they encourage patrons to try all their beers in exchange they get a mug, a t-shirt, or even their name on the wall. This is a great example of a loyalty program encouraging & rewarding your customers to come back & spend money. And a lot of small business do a great job of creating and carrying out marketing campaigns but sometime the smallest tweaks can make a good marketing campaign a stellar one.

This photo shows an example of a stellar Bar Loyalty/Beer Club “Before I die” campaign which features all the cocktails they need to try before they die, and the bar has even incorporated an engaging element (chalkboard) at the bar where customers can fill in the blank. (Before I die I want to blank) And new customers who are not familiar with the loyalty program will take notice and ask.

The reason they have magazine articles titled “The five reasons fruit is killing you” is because it is an attention grabber and it makes me want to know more.

Still not convinced a small change like title will have that big of an impact? Think about the last time someone asked you did you read such n’ such article online, and you said no but I read the headline. We are bombarded with so much information these days that many times we read the title and decided if it is worth reading further. So the title has to leave them wanting more.

You may already have a great marketing campaign in place but it may need a little tweaking for a free strategic marketing session call MICROMarketing (513) 335-4381.

– Creator of Opportunities, Allie Ganino