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It's Not About You - It's About Them

We live in a world of endless content available at our fingertips. And when it comes to social media, many business owners find themselves fighting battles they really shouldn’t. They get consumed by unimportant details and spend too much time and money (time = money) on their social media marketing.

Creating the wrong social content is killing your ROI (Return On Investment)!

Here are a few stats:

The number of people using social media (“2018, an estimated 2.65 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 3.1 billion in 2021”,

How much time is spent on social media (“2017, people spent an average of 135 minutes per day, or nearly two and a half hours, on social media”,

Percentage of consumers using social media for buying decisions (“An ODM Group study found that 74% of consumers rely on social networks to help with their purchasing decisions. Other studies have backed this up. According to a Hubspot report, 71% of consumers are more likely to make purchases based on social media referrals. Furthermore, Forbes has shown that 78% of consumers’ purchases are impacted by companies’ social media posts.”

Ok, social media is important, but where should you focus your time? I say, on your customers!

Spend your limited time creating social media content about your customers rather than your business. When it’s done well, it showcases and benefits your business!

“People with a scarcity mentality tend to see everything in terms of win-lose. There is only so much; and if someone else has it, that means there will be less for me. The more principle-centered we become, the more we develop an abundance mentality, the more we are genuinely happy for the successes, well-being, achievements, recognition, and good fortune of other people. We believe their success adds to… rather than detracts from…our lives.” – Stephen R. Covey

For example, if you’re a landscaper, post planting tips like which plants best absorb extra water in your yard. When you provide your customers with valuable information, it positions you as an expert and shows your experience in the business. Useful tips also give your customers the confidence to make small plant purchases on their own and they’ll remember you when it comes to hiring for larger jobs.

Another example, if you’re a CPA, share free technology and techniques to organize receipts to provide your customers with time-saving hacks. It establishes you as an expert and shows your knowledge of the business. You’re now a recognized and valuable resource, so when your customer has a question or problem, they come to you first even before Google.

Now you know where to spend time and what content to post on social. Building engagement comes next. The top two things you can do on social media to create immediate and long term engagement is to create community content and to humanize your team.

#1 Create Community Content

80% of your content should inform and; educate your local community and build trust. This trust leads to more engagement. Even if your business is 100% online and you’re not limited geographically, you still have an online community that’s connected by demographics. Remember, people only care what you know (offer) after they know you care (about them).

Create content to raise awareness about local causes, pay attention to industry-specific local news, and help people find local solutions to problems you or someone you know can assist with.

Make social media posts about your clients’ needs. Rather than adding a new post to glorify your products or services, write a post on how you are involved in helping a local initiative, or a How-To article that helps people solve their own problems.

Like most things, nothing is absolute and neither is content creation. I understand there’s still a need to market the products and services you provide, but limit those promotions to 20% of your total content.

Changing your social strategy might reduce sales in the short run, but it gives you something priceless. It adds value for your clients, boosts your credibility, validates your business brand; and that’s way more important than one sale!

#2 Humanize your Team

Add a face to your business. I know it’s uncomfortable to get vulnerable and literally put yourself out there, but it’s a small change that will boost your social media engagement and explode your online business.

Create regular posts and profile features that shine a spotlight on your team. Highlight their hard work, achievements, and latest projects. This enables consumers to learn about the personalities that make up your business. It allows them to see you as more than just another business that sells products or services.

Don’t have a team yet? As a solopreneur, I find sharing my resources works well too. I make introductions for my video guy, my public relations guy, and my copywriter gal. I consider them each a valuable part of my team and my business’s success.

Very quickly, you can move from a faceless business and become a go-to expert by referring to local, reliable resources. Concentrate your social media content more on helping customers and building a strong, long-lasting relationship between them and your team.

I’ve noticed initially, a lot of my social media clients feel like putting their faces out there is egotistical and unnatural, but I challenge them to adopt a different perspective, one of accountability. By showing your face, you are standing up and saying “I am accountable”. When you call my business, we will answer the phone, we will return your email, we will be here when you need us, now and 5 years from now.

By focusing on your customers first, you become more than just a business; you become a business with its heart rooted in a community. It shows you care, sets your business apart, and makes your business stronger than ever before.