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In the competitive and highly-charged world of social media today, many people find themselves fighting battles they really shouldn’t. Given how many people spend their time on social media today, it’s vital that any business looking to use it right concentrates on positive promotion. Remember one thing about your business on social media – it’s not for your benefit. It is for the benefit and inspiration of customers, both new and old.

Ironically, if you spend time working on making social media about your customers rather than the business, it ends up highlighting and benefits your business!

So, to get around this conundrum, what do you need to know about social media to create long term engagement?

Create Community Content

One major marketing mistake you can make on social media platforms like Facebook is to only post content about yourself. You think that by creating content about your products or services that you are helping others. Sadly, this is not the case; people only care what you know (offer) after they know you care (about them).

Your aim on social media is to help inform the local community and thus earn more trust. You should be creating content raising awareness for local causes, paying attention to industry-specific local news, and helping people to find local solutions to problems you or someone you know can assist with.

Your social media usage is about your clients’ needs. Rather than adding a new blog post to extoll the virtues of your products or services, you can go the other way entirely. Write a post on how you are involved in helping a local initiative, or even a How To article that can help others solve problems for themselves.

OK, it might stop you from making another few sales that year, but it gives you something priceless. That is an added value to your clients, it boost your credibility, validates your company brand; and that’s more important than any  1 sale!

Humanize the Team

Also, a major use for social media should be to add a face to your company. Get regular posts and profile features up that shines the spotlight on staff. Highlight the hard work of you team, and you make it much easier for people to learn about who makes your business what it is. It allows them to see you as more than just another business that sells products or services.

Very quickly, you can move from a faceless business to the go to resource made up of local people that they know. Concentrate your social media content more on helping customers and building a strong long lasting relationship between them and your staff.

Put more light onto the community, your business partners, local charities, and events. By doing more to highlight the community’s needs, you become more than just a business; you become a business with its heart rooted in the community. This makes such a huge difference, ensuring that you get all the help you need in making your business feel stronger than ever before.

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– Creator of Opportunities, Allie Ganino