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“Do More with Less in 2018”

As business owners, we understand the importance of planning, and many are already looking into 2018. When to purchase new equipment, when to hire more staff, and what processes need to be updated, but don’t make time to develop an effective Marketing Plan. What if I told you I could guarantee with a Marketing Plan you could be more consistent and effective in your marketing without spending more time on your marketing?

We rolled out the “Do More with Less Marketing Plan” in 2017, and helped a little under a dozen business owners with their Marketing Plan. With a clear direction, they found themselves knowing what to focus on each month and saving time on spending decisions, like do I update the website, get a vehicle wrap, update our marketing material, or invest in that trade show again, etc. They felt empowered to tell vendors not this year, or follow up with me in the 3rd quarter because they had a clear plan. In addition many DIY (Do It Yourself) Business owners found they were spending less time making social media posts, writing blogs, or forming email campaigns because they had the creative & messaging needed to not only make these campaigns more effective but in half the time.

How is this Marketing Plan Different than the Free Ones Online?

1. Creative: The biggest difference is the creative input & specific brand messaging you will receive from an experienced Marketing professional. Need to spend those co-op dollars on a mailer again, but didn’t get results? We can help with the messaging. Not sure how to improve the open rate of your email campaign? We can help craft an eye-catching title. Not sure when what, or how often to post to Facebook? We can layout a customized plan for you.

2. Identify/Understand Specific Personas: Most of the time when we sit down to do a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) most businesses owners have a good understanding of where they stand, but when it comes to specific personas they get stuck. If you have ever been told to narrow your target market, that your message is too vague or generic, or most commonly you ask for the same referral request week after week and get very little. Then you need to Identify & form a better understanding of what motivates your specific personas (also referred to as target market). We help you create a profile, down to a name and picture to give you and your sales team a clear target.

3. Accountability: If you choose our Quarterly Plan, you receive true accountability, which for a small business owner is rare. Knowing you have paid and scheduled a meeting with us you will be giving that extra accountability to get it done, to stop making excuses and execute. Assuming you have all read about why accountability works, I want to get more specific on what it might look like when working with MICROMarketing.

You: “I didn’t get this done.”

Me: “Why, did you not have the time, did you lose focus on the plan, or did you have a major roadblock in your business?”

*Depending on your response we may suggest, delegation, automation, a different technique to get you focused.

You: “We got everything done.”

Me: “Fantastic! What worked? What can we improve even more? How can we make this task even more efficent?”

*Depending on your response we may suggest some creative or brand messaging edits to make your campaigns even more effective, or we may suggest adjusting allocating your marketing budget different in the next quarter (pulling funds from what is not yielding results and investing it where you are yielding results).

If you have questions or are ready to get your first planning session scheduled for December 2017 or Janaury 2018 contact Allie Ganino allie@mymicromarketing.com, (513) 335-4381. And to follow our fun #MakeMeDance campaign like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/MyMICROMarketing


For every business that signs up for a “Do More with Less in 2018 Marketing Plan” Allie Ganino will dance with joy, videos will be posted to the business Facebook page within 24 hours of scheduling your first planning session.