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Last week I was challenged to give my marketing advice to a small business owner in 3 MINUTES. So for those of you who only have 3 minutes, here is my version of The Small Business Swiss Army Knife of Marketing. If you are building a business, marketing is not as important as your product, service, or people, but it is more important than the color of your walls or your cable & internet package. Small business marketing is the life blood that can help your company to grow and fulfill its potential through strong and consistent brand messaging, a stable online presence, and effective use of a MICRO budget. So I urge you to consider the quality of your website, the level of engagement you create online, and pay very close attention to your brand consistency to maximize your marketing budget. Making sure the design of your marketing materials help you to expand your reach, not limit it.

Marketing Budget

Many small businesses feel they cannot afford to spend money on marketing. But more important than the size of your budget is how you spend it. Companies must have consistency in their marketing efforts and a clear message to create a bigger and more memorable impact. When you think about your marketing budget I want you to visualize the best cannonball you have ever seen, with the biggest splash. The strength and consistency of your brand messaging is like that cannonball, the smallest change or adjustment can make an even bigger and better splash. And it enables customers to better understand what you’re offering and how it benefits them. Wise use of your MICRO marketing budget can help you grow your business, and in turn your marketing budget.


A good website is an important marketing tool. That is why it’s essential to get a professional to design and create it. You wouldn’t build/remodel your physical storefront on your own, so why would you build/design your own online storefront? You only have a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention on your website, that is why a purposefully designed website will not only be attractive and easy to navigate, but it should have an effective call to action that motivates potential buyers to take action.


Research has shown that using video as part of your marketing campaign is highly effective. When potential customers are exposed to a well-produced video about a particular company it increases the odds they’ll do business with that company. This can make a significant difference for small businesses looking to increase their customer base. Video helps potential customers understand what you are offering and can capture their attention through the combination of music, graphics and emoting images as well as compelling information about your business.

Social Media

A growing number of consumers get their buying information on social media. That means making the use of Facebook and other forms of social media should be an important part of any business marketing strategy. Using Facebook enables small businesses to reach out to customers through a casual forum with which they are comfortable. If you use Facebook effectively and provide unique, engaging content, followers will share the information they see with others, creating raving fans and lead generating referral sources.

When you have a small business the right marketing plan can make the difference between success and failure. The proper use of your budget, website, video, and social media can help you to get the most out of your marketing.

Don’t have a Small Business Swiss Army Knife of Marketing? Consider MICROMarketing (513) 335-4381.

– Creator of Opportunities, Allie Ganino