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Getting content online for your small business is a great way to get your information out to the masses, but there is so much information online that it is also important to have relevant content and present it in the right way that helps push your content in front of others in hopes it will go Viral. Viral is essentially word of mouth marketing but it is online and usually contains a graphic.

So how do you get your content shared enough to potentially create a Viral Storm (Which is a good thing)?

All you need to know are the 4C’s that help your content spread like wildfire.

  1. Controversial
  2. Cool
  3. Comedic
  4. Cutting Edge

Controversial topics that are relevant and trending are shared and commented on some to show support, other to show complete unsupported but either way it is still getting talked about. A good example of Controversial content that went Viral, would be from our current presidential election, specifically Donald Trump. Most of his posts are very controversial and whether online communities agree or disagree with his message they are still sharing, commenting, and helping him go Viral.

Cool topics, easy enough to understand why they are talked about, but is probably one of the more difficult C’s in this Viral equation. Since we are constantly connected, and in the know of the latest and greatest concepts/things reaching the “cool” status is easier said than done.  One of my favorite example of a cool video gone Viral was back in 2012 with Red Bulls Supersonic Space Jump, of course outer space is always cool.

Comedic content in my opinion is the easiest or most likely to go Viral for beginners, but it may not be in line with your small business brand message. A great example of this was in 2013, when Pepsi had a disguised Jeff Gordon take an unknowing car salesmen for a little test drive. His reaction was priceless and something you could watch several times, and since Pepsi already sponsored NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon it was cohesive with their brand messaging.

Cutting edge technology, equipment, or design. This is the latest and greatest so if your small business is part of an industry that has new cutting edge technology, equipment, or design it may be just what you need to go Viral. A great example of this is the 360 degree video technology, last year a Blue Angels 360 degree video went Viral with over 4 Million views.

And don’t forget about luck, luck sometimes is the only explanation for some of these explainable Viral phenomenon’s that us Marketers can’t seem to find an explanation for, like the “What Does the Fox Say?”

Video. If you need a little more than luck call MICROMarketing (513) 335-4381.

– Creator of Opportunities, Allie Ganino