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For what feels like close to fifty years now, we’ve slowly been watching the world move ever-closer to video holding prominence over audio. Streaming TV, 3D Movies, Viral Videos, & Vines; all these kinds of media styles have taken over almost entirely from the old audio world we all used to inhabit. While to some it might feel crazy to imagine a world without video-based media, it was in fact just a few short decades ago. As the famous 80s song told us, video killed the radio star…

In 2017, it’s truer, than it arguably ever has been. With the explosion of video online thanks to streaming and video platforms like YouTube, video as a media form is important in todays marketing. In the past, small businesses have seen the idea of video for business for the big guys with the million dollar budgets, but today, quality video media can be put together at affordable rates and with huge returns on investment.

Make no mistake – the days of audio and text being enough are slowly fading out. People want video, and it’s not just for the big businesses anymore. Even as a new business start-up, understanding what your customers find engaging about video is important.

So, where is video becoming most prominent and necessary for online marketing?

Mobile. People love to watch media on their mobile devices, and if your business isn’t tapping into that audience you are missing out. Be sure to take the time to consider building anything from simple ‘How To’ videos to reviews of products or even impromptu Facebook Live interviews and Q&A sessions. People love watching this kind of stuff anywhere from their beds to their office.

SEO. Another location that has made video vital is in search engine optimization. When used right, you can optimize a video and use the masses of traffic it can generate to help improve SEO rankings. With video playing such a major role today, search engines are positively rewarding businesses who use video. Did you know Google owns YouTube? Do you think Google’s algorithm for organic searches would value a YouTube video?

Social Media. From a quick video shared on Twitter that breaks down facts and stats to a viral ad shared on Facebook, video on social media is essential. Funny videos and animations are easily shared and passed to people via friends and family. If you get access to video, ensure it’s being shared on social media to increase your chances of exposure. Naturally, having a prominent YouTube account makes sense too.

Webpage. Having professional and engaging video on your website is one of the fastest ways to increase the time a visitor spends on a web page. From a well-made explainer animation video to a personal message from the business owner about their why, you can use video on your web page to drive traffic, increase engagement, and add a layer of authenticity that your competitors may not have.

In an era where people would rather watch a 60 second video rather than read a paragraph, you need to be ready to step in to video and utilize that power of engagement to evoke an emotion and create a connection with potential clients.

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– Creator of Opportunities, Allie Ganino